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Hysteresis Couplings - Permanent Magnetic Units

For complete technical data and dimensions, the data sheet (PDF) can be downloaded.
After clicking in the table, a window opens with the corresponding PDF file.

Likewise, 3D drawings in IGS or STEP can be downloaded.
Clicking on the table opens a window with the corresponding ZIP file.

(Kopie 3)

TypTorque (Nm)max. heat dissipation (W)Max. rpm
dep. on torque



655 K0,014 - 0,52182000PDFIGSSTEP
655 KH0,014 - 0,52182000PDFIGSSTEP
867 KH0,06 - 0,50151000PDFIGSSTEP
523 K0,06 - 1,36281000PDFIGSSTEP
523 KH0,06 - 1,36281000PDFIGSSTEP
535 K0,11 - 2,80541000PDFIGSSTEP
535 KH0,11 - 2,80541000PDFIGSSTEP
610 K0,14 - 4,50951000PDFIGSSTEP
610 KH0,14 - 4,50951000PDFIGSSTEP
663 K0,23 - 7,801501000PDFIGSSTEP
806 KH0,23 - 7,801401000PDFIGSSTEP
929 KH0,33 - 15,802701000PDFIGSSTEP
300 KH3,0 - 383501000PDFIGSSTEP

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