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Transmitting Torque Through Air

Magnetic couplings offer a non-contact transfer of torque. They are typically used in magnetic drive pumps and magnetic mixers for seal-less applications; keeping corrosive, toxic, or flammable liquids from escaping into the atmosphere.

By driving one magnetic hub, torque is transmitted magnetically to the other magnetic hub. This can be done through the air or through a non-magnetic containment barrier such as stainless steel or fiberglass, allowing complete isolation of the inner magnetic hub from the outer magnetic hub. There are no contacting parts in magnetic drive pumps which allows for torque transmission through both angular and parallel misalignment.

MTC Co-Axial Couplings

The co-axial coupling consists of three parts, the inner hub, the outer hub, and the optional containment barrier. Both the inner and outer hubs consist of a series of rare earth magnets that are ground, potted, and glued to steel hubs. The inner hub is then completely sealed in stainless steel to protect the magnets and hub from damage or corrosive substances.

These couplings are ideal for applications such as magnetic mixers, in which the “driven” hub is physically separated and sealed from the “driver” hub. Magnetic mixers are particularly well suited to applications that involve highly toxic or corrosive chemicals.

  • Eliminates Rotating Seals
  • No Wearing Parts
  • Synchronous Design, No Slip at Any Speed
  • No Physical Contact Between Driving and Driven Parts
  • Safe For Use Up To 140° C, High-Temp Designs Available
  • Custom Designs Available
 TypeNominal Torque (Nm)Product Datasheet3-D
 MTC-1616 STEP
 MTC-2222on request 

All dimensions and data may be subject to technical changes and are therefore without guarantee.
If required, please ask us for current values.


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