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Current-controlled hysteresis brakes enable frictionless torque transmission and are therefore wear-free. The force is transmitted by an electrically generated magnetic field and is transmitted without contact via an air gap. The principle can therefore also be used very well as a clutch.
A change in the supplied current causes a change in the magnetic field, which in turn allows the transmission torques to be changed variably.
Hysteresis brakes are therefore ideal for many areas of drive technology

The hysteresis brakes are designed for a temperature range of -30 to +85 °C.

Current-controlled (electric) hysteresis brakes and clutches:
A magnetic field is generated by a coil through which direct current flows, which is variable depending on the current supplied and is therefore well suited for control processes. Hysteresis brakes function evenly from standstill to the maximum speed possible in the design. The torque shows a hysteresis curve, i.e. the torque is slightly higher or lower depending on whether the excitation current has previously decreased or increased.


Electrical hysteresis brakes are used by industry to regulate web tension for films, paper rolls etc. and can also be controlled via laser sensors for diameter detection.

They are used in the automotive industry, for example, to test servomotors for load and continuous performance.  Stepper motors for seat adjustment, air conditioning systems, steering systems, window lifters, tailgate locks, headlight range adjustment, windshield wipers with permanent or electric hysteresis brakes are tested.
They are also used in the printing industry and in gear manufacturing to test gear wheels under continuous load.
These brakes are also used in the two-wheeler industry to test chains, e-bike motors, sprockets, etc.

Manufacturers of power saws, circular saws, household appliances such as mixers, washing machines, cordless screwdrivers, drills, jigsaws, turbines, wind turbines, etc. use hysteresis brakes to simulate loads.

Hysteresis brakes can also be used in space travel in the high-vacuum range with special bearings.


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