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Hysteresis Brakes Current Controlled

Air Cooled Units

Air cooled Current Controlled Hysteresis Brakes are available
with shaft on one or both sides.
(Type AHB-3500M-2 DS only available with shaft on both sides)

For complete technical data and dimensions, the >Data Sheet (PDF) can be downloaded.

Type Torque at working current
Working current I1
rpm max. 25°C
Possible dissipation (W)Air supply max.3-D-Download
non continouscontin.
AHB-140M-2 (DS)1,227012000120012006,0PDF IGS STEP
AHB-250M-2 (DS)2,12891000013001300PDF IGSSTEP
AHB-450M-2 (DS)3,6473800018001800PDF IGSSTEP
AHB-750M-2 (DS)5,8410600025002000PDF IGSSTEP
AHB-1750M-2 (DS)14,5535600025002200PDF IGSSTEP
AHB-3500M-2 DS29,01070600053003000PDF IGSSTEP
Application Examples

>Application Examples (PDF)



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>Type selection (PDF) and sizing


>Catalog Download (PDF)
for Current Controlled Hysteresis Brakes
(Size approx. 5MB)