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Current Controlled Hysteresis Brakes

with Gear Ratio

For complete technical data and dimensions, the >Data Sheet (PDF) can be downloaded.

Likewise, 3D drawings in IGS or STEP can be downloaded.
After clicking in the table, a window opens with the corresponding ZIP file.

Type Torque at working current
Working current I1
rpm max. 25°C
Possible dissipation (W)Download
non continouscontin.
HB-450M-2G162,1 - 72473200670160 STEPPDF
HB-450M-2G254,7 - 115473200670160 STEPPDF
HB-750M-2G164,2 - 1224102001000200 STEPPDF
HB-750M-2G254,4 - 1724102001000200 STEPPDF

We do not assume any warranty for technical specifications. 


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>Type selection (PDF) and sizing


>Catalog Download (PDF)
for Current Controlled Hysteresis Brakes
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