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Current Controlled Hysteresis Brakes

Large Bore Hysteresis Brakes without Bearings

Hysteresis Brakes with a large bore are mainly used for tension control at flyer payoff operation equipment, at helical wrapping operation and braiding application.
These brakes are preferably delivered without bearings, and are also available as a "matched" design on request. The bearings have to be provided by the machine designer.

For complete technical data and dimensions, the >Data Sheet (PDF) can be downloaded.

Likewise, 3D drawings in IGS or STEP can be downloaded.
After clicking in the table, a window opens with the corresponding ZIP file.

Type Torque at working current
Working current I1
rpm max. 25°C
Possible dissipation (W)Download
non continouscontin.
LB-50M-20,427050009023PDF STEP
LB-140M-21,2270400030075PDF STEP
LB-250M-22,102893000450110PDF STEP
LB-450M-23,604732500670160PDF STEP
LB-750M-25,8041020001000200PDF STEP
LB-1750M-214,5053518002400350PDF STEP

We do not assume any warranty for technical specifications. 


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