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Brakes with Through Shaft

For complete technical data and dimensions, the data sheet (PDF) can be downloaded.
Click on the table to open a window with the corresponding PDF file.

Likewise, 3D drawings in IGS or STEP can be downloaded.
Clicking on the table opens a window with the corresponding ZIP file.

Magnetic Particle brake without cooling body


Magnetic Particle brake
with cooling body


Magnetic Particle brake
with water cooling body


The so defined identically designed unit is executed with a remanent rotor. This means that 40 rpm are possible as well as the use with vertical axis. The minimum torque is 4 times the value compared to standard units.

Magnetic Particle brake with axial fan


Magnetic Particle brake with axial fan

Magnetic Particle brake with radial fan


Typenominal torque (Nm)min. torque (Nm)rpm max. (min-1)heat dissipation continous sustained
FAT 2020,04300040PDF STEP
FRAT 2020,04300060PDF STEP
FAT 5050,20300070PDF STEP
FRAT 5050,203000100PDF STEP
FAT 120120,27300075PDF STEP
FRAT 120120,273000150PDF STEP
FVRAT 120120,273000650PDF  
FAT 350350,333000100PDF STEP
FRAT 350350,333000210PDF STEP
FVAT 350350,333000500PDF  
FVRAT 350350,3330001400PDF  
FRATO 350350,3330001600PDF STEP
FAT 650650,633000150PDF STEP
FRAT 650650,633000350PDF STEP
FVAT 650650,633000700PDF  
FVRAT 650650,6330001800PDF  
FRATO 650650,6330002000PDF STEP
FAT 12001201,202000300PDF STEP
FRAT 12001201,202000  550PDF STEP
FVAT 12001201,2020001400PDF  
FVRAT 12001201,2020002000PDF  
FAT 20022002,002000  400PDF STEP
FRAT 20022002,002000  700PDF STEP
FVAT 20022002,0020001800PDF  
FVRAT 20022002,0020002000PDF  
FRATO 20022002,0020002500PDF STEP
FAT 35003503,502000  470PDF STEP
FRAT 35003503,502000  950PDF STEP
FVRAT 35003503,5020003300PDF  
FAT 5001500515001100PDF STEP
FRAT 5001500515002200PDF STEP
FVRAT 5001500515004500PDF  
FRATO 5001500515004500PDF STEP
FRATO 5001 R500515008000PDF STEP
FAT 1000110001010001700PDF STEP
FRAT 1000110001010003000PDF STEP
FVRAT 1000110001010007000PDF  
FRATO 1000110001010005000PDF STEP
FRATO 10001 R100010100010000PDF STEP

We do not assume any warranty for technical specifications. 


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