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Ceramik Pulleys

Plastic / Ceramic Pulleys

Running surface of ceramic,
flanges plastic made

Catalogue noweightt (g)Ø A (mm)Ø B (mm)Ø C (mm)D (mm)E (mm)R (mm)3-D
N 9120182,02015335,21,0STEP
N 9120196,428,5204461,0STEP
A 2080045,630,01533101,0STEP
A 20800512,040,02044151,0STEP
A 50208024,045,03066101,0STEP
A 50402541,060,04087141,0STEP
A 31203035,060,03066201,0STEP
A 60902034,070,05010571,0STEP
A 40900158,080,04087251,5STEP
A 70105095,080,054109152,5STEP
A 701060124,0100,050109302,5STEP
SP 09880170,098,080109162,5STEP
A 8110120280,0130,0100109161STEP


Steel Pulleys / Aluminum Pulleys

TypeØ A (mm)Ø B (mm)Ø C (mm)Ø D (mm)E (mm)F (mm)G (mm)R (mm)a (°)
RS(RA)353525 6 0,561,040
RS(RA)505040 8 1,0151,5100
RS(RA)808060 8 0102,040

Steel Pulleys (RS): All steel pulleys are also available as hardened execution.
Aluminium Pulleys (RA): All aluminum pulleys are also available as ceramic coated execution.
All steel and aluminum pulleys are also available in plastic!

Stainless Steel Pulleys RE

Serial deflection rollers