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Force Measuring Roller RMGZ 100

  • Nominal forces from 6 – 300 N
  • 10 times overload protection
  • No recalibration required
  • 20 : 1 force measuring range
  • Lifetime lubricated ball bearings

RMGZ 100
The RMGZ 100 Series force measuring roller is used to measure the tension in wire, cable and similar materials. An application specific sheave or pulley is mounted to the two lifetime lubricated ball bearings.

Functional Description
The RMGZ 100 Series force measuring rollers utilize the flexion beam priciple. When the roller is subjected to a force, bending stress is applied to the measuring web. Four foil-type strain gauges in a full Wheatstone bridge configuration measure the bending and thus the material tension. The position of the red point depends on the application. If the force acts in the direction of the red point, positive values will result from the measuring amplifier output.

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Force Measuring Sensor C 203

  • 10 times overload protection
  • No re-calibration required
  • 20 : 1 force measuring range
  • Accuracy class 0.5%
  • Nominal forces 50,125,250,500,and 1000 N.
  • Stainless steel sensor

C 203 series
The C 203 Series Force Measuring Sensors are designed as live shaft sensors to allow easy roller change in continuous material processing applications. They can be easily mounted to the machine side frame with the included mounting screws or to the top frame utilizing an optional mounting bracket. The red point on the connector indicates the positive measuring direction. The C 203 Force Measuring Sensor ensures that even with low material wrap angles and high roller weights, tension will still be measured accurately

Functional Description
Foil type strain gauges mounted in a full Wheatstone Bridge configuration in each sensor perform the actual tension measurement. The dual flexion beam design eliminates angular deflection under load and ensures tension measurement with the highest accuracy and reliability under the most stringent requirements. A built in mechanical hard-stop provides high overload protection and ensures that frequent calibration is not required.

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