Shaft Lockings





Axial Fast Action Clamping System
for variable adjustment
with tensioning forces up to 5000 N
for time saving fixing and replacing of spools and rolls

  • safe fixing
  • very easy handling
  • comprehensive range of types for shaft Ø10 - Ø40 mm

Special feature:
this system is suitable for
hardened shafts (min 55HRC) and
non-hardened shafts (S230 - S355)

Optimum tension force at shaft tolerance h6


Put the clamping pintle on the shaft and push it up against the roll/spool. Lock it by turning the lever. Set the desired tension by turning the tensioning wheel.

Reduce tension of the clamping pintle by turning the tensioning wheel anticlockwise, unlock with lever and pull it off the shaft.

Safety note: Lever rotates with the system


Dimensions and Data





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