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Torque Limiters

These torque limiters are developed from the magnetic particle brakes and participates from the advantages of soft iron particles within a magnetic field. The electric coil is replaced by a permanent magnet. The iron particles influenced by the magnetic field connects the rotor with the outer poles and a "shunt"- ring enables the possibility to control the magnetic field within the iron particles and with this to control the torque. The RPM for all types is limited at 1500.


  • Aviation
  • Data work applications
  • Medical apparatus
  • Tool machines
  • Metallurgy
  • Textile machines
  • Test application
  • Paper and carton manufacturing
  • Tensioning of polyethylene foils
  • Wire drawing
  • Cable technic
  • Packaging     
  • Steady braking at constant torque
  • Limitation of torque to be transferred
  • Protection and security of transmission parts
  • Adjustment and marking
  • Load protection
  • Load torque simulation

Type LC 0, Type LC 1, Type LC 3


Type LC 10, Type LC 20


Type LC 50, Type LC 100


Type LC 150, Type LC 300, Type LC 500, Type LC 700


TypeTransmission torque (Nm)Heat dissipation (W)DownloadsOrder-No.3-D
LC 00,020,068PDF807.326.01STEP
LC 10,050,158PDF807.326.02STEP
LC 30,120,38PDF807.326.03STEP
LC 100,3125PDF807.341.01STEP
LC 200,6225PDF807.341.02STEP
LC 502675PDF807.355.01STEP
LC 10041275PDF807.355.02STEP
LC 150515500PDF806.208.01STEP
LC 3001540500PDF806.208.02STEP
LC 5002565500PDF806.208.03STEP
LC 7003085500PDF806.208.04STEP

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